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As a Luxury Property Specialist for Corcoran Global Living, I believe that a real estate transaction is much more than just buying or selling a home, but requires a commitment to the broader community and the people who live there. As a long-time resident of Piedmont, I have dedicated myself to the residents of the community, teaching French at the Piedmont Language School, raising funds for the schools, and being active in the Children’s Support League. I understand the concept of community and the importance it plays to the people who live there. Since 1993, I have been working in the broader community, serving buyers and sellers in Piedmont, Montclair, Crocker Highlands, Claremont, Rockridge and Berkeley with their diverse real estate needs, and because buying or selling a home is increasingly difficult in the Bay Area, I take special pride in helping my clients navigate the many complexities associated with this process. Whether it be marketing your home, searching out and finding the house that best fits your needs, taking you through the inspection process, or negotiating the best possible deal for you and your family, I have a reputation with my clients for being detailed oriented. If you are interested in listing your home, in the market for a new home, or would simply like to discuss your real estate needs, please contact me. It would be my pleasure to assist you.

Languages: English, French and Farsi

Testimonials – What Haideh’s Clients Say…

When it came time to sell our family home in Piedmont, we made a list of the qualities that we would look for in our dream agent: someone who was a long time resident of Piedmont, with years of experience, well-acquainted with all the vagaries implied in the selling of a home, first-hand knowledge of all aspects involved in complying with rules and regulations and, notably, a person who would be totally trustworthy and reliable. In other words, I was describing Haideh Chew. Knowing what a talented, efficient, and caring person she is, I asked her to orchestrate the sale of our home, from start to finish. With her amazing commitment to excellence, there is no detail ever too small to escape her attention and she can be counted on to complete every phase. Her years of professional experience and contacts provided all the best resources to present the house for sale under her capable direction. This saved me a very considerable amount of time and energy. With her artist’s eye for today’s current styles and marketing trends, she gave the house an enchanting finish. She also produced a striking brochure, local and national ads, and a sensational website that captivated the out-of-town buyer. Haideh’s indefatigable dedication to her clients is as extraordinary as her kind, thoughtful and gracious manner. All of these talents contributed to our closing in record time. In addition to now appreciating her as a valued friend, I can enthusiastically recommend her as a Real Estate Agent extraordinaire.

– Adelina

We engaged Haideh to help represent us buying our new home, as well as selling our home in Piedmont. From the start Haideh was the consummate professional, blending the right level of persistency, detail focus and overall diligence. She was comprehensive in her approach, and was extremely knowledgeable about the market. She got the job done! I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home in the Piedmont-Berkeley-Oakland area.

– Steve

We began our relationship with Haideh over 19 years ago when she helped us search for and buy our dream house in. Our reliance on her continued to grow over the years as she answered our real estate questions. So when we recently decided to sell our home which had become our largest single asset after more than tripling in value, we knew Haideh was the one we could trust. Due to our relocation to the east coast, we couldn’t be available for much of the preparation for sale. Haideh handled the whole process from inspections, repairs, staging and even putting fresh flowers around the house. She set up a pre-marketing program that sold the house in a very short time relative to the other high priced homes in the area and before it even went on the market fully. We couldn’t be more pleased with her work and are happy and proud to have made a life long friend with Haideh in the process.

– Brett

Anyone in need of a realtor would do well to engage the services of Haideh Chew. Haideh did an outstanding job in assisting me and my sister in the sale of my mother’s home. She kept us informed at every step of the way, making sure everything needed to successfully accomplish the sale was done in a timely manner. Haideh was thorough and meticulous in finding the resources required to inspect, repair, and refurbish the house. She gave generously of her time, often meeting workers to admit them to the house and to oversee their progress. Her attention to detail is such that she even accompanied the gardener to the nursery to select drought-tolerant plants for the garden. Thanks to Haideh’s guidance and expertise in the local housing market, the sale was accomplished smoothly and profitably. It was a pleasure to work with her. She is very professional, yet always charming and kind I highly recommend Haideh Chew as an agent who knows her job and will work diligently for her clients

– JoAnn

Haideh, our real estate agent, was steadfast and worked very diligently to help us find our perfect home. We had a demanding checklist of wants and she fulfilled them all. In the past year that we’ve lived in our new home we have yet to find another home in Piedmont that would have met our needs and desires. During closing, Haideh was indispensable with her resources and guidance, and made the transaction all the more smooth. We value her a great deal and recommend her to friends all the time as they are intrigued as to how we found our home. Her warmth, thoughtfulness and charisma make it so easy to stay in close touch as friends. Thank you again Haideh for how you’ve helped my family

– Judy

It is rare, as one moves through life, to meet and know special people. People who are honest, have innate integrity and strength of character. You Haideh are one of those people -special- who has touched my life. For your guidance and support in helping me to market and sell my home, I am so very grateful, You have my thanks for all you have done.

– Silke

Recently, Haideh Chew not only sold our family home in Piedmont, but did so under the most extenuating circumstances. The owner, my mother, was hospitalized after a stroke and unable to communicate. We, her immediate family live in Los Angeles and were unable to oversee the house or sale. It had been my mother’s request prior to her stroke that if her home were to be sold, it should be done very quietly, without the MLS, and that no sign be posted in front of her home. This eliminated two major methods of advertising the availability. These requirements were but challenges to Haideh. She showed the home privately, phoned other offices to notify her contacts who had clients interested a in Piedmont location, held open houses for realtors, and notified neighbors in the area that the home would soon be placed on the market. She arranged for house repairs and inspections, made security checks, and was in constant contact with us in Los Angeles, keeping us informed of every situation and event. We can not give enough praise or thanks to Haideh Chew. She is a lovely person, unbelievably enterprising and capable, and an excellent agent.

– Sharon

I interviewed three realtors. I chose Haideh for her enthusiasm, her gracious manner and for her ability to listen and to empathize with the problems of selling my home. She has the ability to foresee the various needs of prospective buyers. She has a keen eye for addressing the details necessary in improving a home. She has many creative ideas for decorating and improving a home’s atmosphere. She has a flair for showing a home at its very best when preparing for Open House. Haideh made the sale of my home run smoothly from the beginning to the final closing of escrow. And, best of all, she sold the house for well above the asking price. I cannot recommend Haideh Chew more highly as a dedicated Real Estate Agent and as a true professional in every sense of the word. It is a great pleasure knowing her!

– Ruth

Haideh is an exceptional person and brings a high level of professionalism to her world. She is reliable; she is thorough; and she is committed. We were particularly impressed with Haideh’s attention to detail and with her depth of experience. Her effective management of all aspects of the sale including the advertising, brokers’ tours, open houses, staging and documentation insured that the entire process went smoothly and with minimal disruption. Haideh was particularly effective in helping us prepare our house for sale. Her excellent advice and guidance resulted in an early sale and smooth closing. In addition to her professional capabilities, Haideh is a delightful person with whom to work and demonstrates a sincere interest in doing the very best she can for her clients. In essence, we feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Haideh and we recommend her with great enthusiasm.

– Robert and Pamela

As first time home-buyers, we relied on Haideh’s knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics to allow us to be successful purchasers. Haideh has an intimate understanding of the qualities of many East Bay neighborhoods, and was quick to ascertain whether a particular home and location might suit our needs and desires. She was always willing to visit properties, often more than once, and to help us see the positives and negatives which every home entails. She has a special ability to envision the possibilities of a home, often suggesting potential remodeling ideas that could improve the beauty, functionality, and value of the home. Of great significance is Haideh’s tenacity and skill as an agent and negotiator. She persevered with contractors, other agents, and others involved in the real estate industry to procure information about homes. She assisted us in writing four offers, and, once we were in contract, negotiated successfully against a very tough listing agent and seller, resulting in a credit back to us worth thousands of dollars.

– Amy and Gary

Haideh brought a different, but equally impressive, skill set to the sale of our old house 308 Sea View Avenue, a problematic transaction because we requested a contemporaneous closure with the new house whose sellers insisted on a short escrow period. Haideh listed the house, arranged for and hosted the brokers’ and two public open houses, arranged for professional photography, bought ad space in all appropriate publications, including Prudential’s website, prepared a gorgeous brochure, and showed the house privately day and night – all in a two-week period that met our time constraints and netted us top price. Cathy and I still marvel at her inexhaustible energy! In case it isn’t obvious from the foregoing, Cathy and I give our strongest recommendation to Haideh.

– Cathy and Randy

At the time, we were relocating to this area and had narrowed our search to Piedmont. We met Haideh, explained our needs, and were pleasantly surprised at how she immediately began a thorough search to find us the right property. From the time we began our search until the day we moved in, nearly three months elapsed. It’s hard to say how much time Haideh put into this particular sale, but it was considerable, involving much work on the weekends, late night phone calls and faxes, and extensive consultation and negotiation. In short, we found her to be an ideal agent and would use her again without hesitation.

– Michael and Susan

Our previous home was purchased in the spring of 1992, a small house in the Oakland hills, In the few years that passed after purchasing this property we were disappointed to find that property values in the area had generally fallen. In early 1995 we nonetheless decided to sell this properly and buy a larger home. We interviewed several realtors, each of whom suggested that we list our house at a lower price then we had originally paid in 1992. Fortunately, however, our interview with Haideh was much more encouraging. After thoroughly examining our property, Haideh suggested that minor upgrades would greatly enhance its marketability. Following her advice, we performed renovations that amounted to approximately $2500 and then listed the house at a price that was 14% higher than the 1992 purchase price. Thanks not only to her keen insight in presentation of the property, but ambitious marketing, we rapidly received an offer on the house that afforded us a net profit of $15,000. My husband and I remain grateful to Haideh for the hard work and dedication that made these real estate transactions possible. Haideh continually strives to keep on top of the property market in the Oakland hills/Piedmont area, and this diligence proves to be an invaluable asset to her clients.

– Jackie and Garrett

I am writing to recommend my Realtor, Haideh Chew. We sold our Piedmont house last spring when we relocated to the east coast. The market was not doing that well, lots of houses were just sitting. We were very nervous, afraid that ours wouldn’t sell, or the offers would be low-ball. I gave the listing to Haideh, and we ended up selling within a couple weeks to the third couple who looked at it. (and they offered our asking price). The house never even was listed on the MLS! I’m still not sure how she managed to do that,but we will be forever grateful,because our move happened very suddenly. My husband changed jobs and we had less than three months to sell our house,buy a new house,move 3,000 miles.Haideh made the whole transition so much easier,and I highly recommend her. She is thorough, professional,and always available. I hope that your experience will be as easy as ours.

– Ann

Haideh Chew represented us in the sale of our home. Through her professionalism and experience in real estate she produced a sales plan that resulted in exactly what we were looking for in price and a smooth sale in a very short period of time. From the beginning, Haideh was on top of everything and always there to help with advise. She had all the contacts necessary to prepare our home for sale. She is a warm, intelligent and generous person. We couldn’t be happier with Haideh.

– Connie